As a Mind & Mood Mentor I use a fusion of Life Coaching & Psychotherapeutic principles and techniques to work with people, in order that they can resolve their problems and frustrations and live a happier, more contented and satisfying life.

Some Examples of Situations I come across in my Practice

  • Depression

    Details about the different types of depression people suffer from including some useful tips on managing your depression!


  • Mastering Wellbeing
    When a person is getting their innate physical and psychological needs met in a balanced way, they will find they will be mentally healthy!

      Mastering Wellbeing  

  • Relationships

    This includes effective communication, compromise, respect, honesty etc. I help you deal and let go of the past issues you have.


  • Spiritual Mentoring

    Spirituality is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit as opposed to material or physical things. It focuses foremostly on being!

     Spiritual Mentoring  

  • Authentic Leadership

    Authentic leadership can only arise from solidly built foundations of one’s own self-leadership. Effective leaders must be clear on their values!

    Authentic Leadership

  • Other Services

    I can help you with addictions including, drugs, alcohol, sex. Bereavement Counselling, Body Dysmorphia, Life and Business Coaching.

            Other Services       

  • If you feel you’d like to discuss further any of the above, book your FREE mini-consultation right away.