Frequently asked questions

Though the way I work all may initially seem conversational and easy-going, let me assure you I am always operating in a structured and methodical way. The psychotherapy training, I participated in centred on a model of wellness rather than one of pathology. One that suggests that, if our innate human needs are well met, we’re unlikely to become psychologically unwell. Together the client and I will identify which of the innate needs are not currently being well-met and we’ll jointly address any deficits. > > more info
I have often worked with clients who have had significant insights (aha moments) on the first or second session. If the client considers themselves ‘sorted’ then that’s generally good by me too. Sometimes, when the right thread is pulled, what previously seemed intractable, suddenly unravels and the therapy is complete. (See ‘Case Study’ tab) Alternatively, where progress is somewhat slower and after the end of the second session the client and I will often negotiate and contract for a schedule of on-going interventions.
If you’re looking for cheap then you’re probably not in the right place. My professional fees are both reasonably and fairly priced given my level of experience, expertise and the results clients get. It’s useful also to remember here that you can avail of an absolutely free 20 min. consultation before you commit to anything. When appropriate, we’ll discuss & firm up fees.
(Please note, the first session lasts for an hour and a half and is priced accordingly. Sessions thereafter run for an hour. So, the fee for your 2nd session will be 33% less than that of the first. Both these sessions are covered by my written Satisfaction/Money Back guarantee which can be downloaded > > here ).
Generally speaking we’ll respond to your initial contact almost immediately and schedule an appointment for you asap.
Monday – Friday 8.30 am – 5.30 pm (Saturday and Evening Appointments are Sometimes Available but carry a premium).
The initial intake is 1½ hours. Thereafter they run for 1 hour.
Maurice T likes to make his services accessible. To that end he offers a completely free mini-consultation to begin with. The first 2 sessions though pre-paid come with his satisfaction/money back guarantee. Thereafter you will be offered a package.
Truth told it varies. Sometimes though one or two sessions will suffice and the client feels confident enough to proceed without further help. Maurice T is always looking for progressive, culminative and sustainable gains for his clients. If you have not become confident of such possibilities by the end of the second or third session, he will refer you on.
Yes transformational mentoring packages of 3, 6 and 9 months duration can be applied for after completing a few individual sessions. Maurice T only can offer these to a handful of clients at any given time.
They can be pursued and clarified by emailing them to