Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership can only arise from solidly built foundations of one’s own self-leadership. Effective leaders must be clear on their values and consistent at honouring them. They need to be self-aware if they are to have superior capacity for self-regulation. Accurate self-understandings of their actions and motives are required, if they are to fathom the behaviours and motives of others. Their leadership and influencing abilities are predicated on their level of social awareness and consequential relationship management skills.

Here’s a piece I transcribed into one of my journals many years ago which to my mind reflects the qualities of authentic self-leadership.

And David thought; "It's like coming home to yourself at last."

For this is the journey that men make: to find themselves. If they fail in this, it doesn't matter much what else the find. Money, position, fame, many loves, revenge, are of little consequence, and when the tickets are collected at the end of the ride, they are tossed into the bin marked FAILURE

But if a man happens to find himself - if he knows what he can be depended upon to do, the limits of his courage, the positions from which he will no longer retreat, the degree to which he can surrender his inner life to another, the secret reservoirs of his determination, the extent of his dedication, the depth of his feelings for beauty, his honest and unpostured goals - then he has found a mansion which he can inhabit with dignity all the days of his life.

Living With Uncertainty

We are now living in a VUCA world

As digital technology continues developing at an exponential rate, our world is changing accordingly. The acronym VUCA was coined by the US Army War College to describe the kinds of scenarios the military have been finding themselves in since the 1990s. The term has been adopted more recently by businesses and futurists because we all now live in a VUCA world: a domain of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Here are a few lines I scribbled many years ago, when I found myself in such a position.


And uncertain
Not knowing my role
The strain of Life taking its toll.

And daydreaming
Fantasising away
Procrastination stealing the day.

And listening
Quietening the mind
Hoping for truth truly to find.

And uncertainty
Being one and the same
Accepting this the wisdom came.