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How I Can Help You!An Invitation from Maurice T Corrigan

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Mind and Mood Mentoring 

Advice on how to manage depression


Details about the different types of depression people suffer from including some useful tips on managing your depression!

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Mastering being well again

Mastering Wellbeing

When a person is getting their innate physical and psychological needs met in a balanced way, they will find they will be mentally healthy!

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Managing good relationships


This includes effective communication, compromise, respect, honesty etc. I help you deal and let go of the past issues you have.

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Spiritual mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring

Spirituality is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit as opposed to material or physical things. It focuses foremostly on being!

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Spiritual mentoring

Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership can only arise from solidly built foundations of one’s own self-leadership. Effective leaders must be clear on their values!

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Various counselling and coaching services available

Other Services

I can help you with addictions including, drugs, alcohol, sex. Bereavement Counselling, Body Dysmorphia, Life and Business Coaching.

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You can book an appointment online. You can avail of a free mini consultation initially.

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Free Mini-Consultation

Initially I provide a free introductory Mini-consultation lasting 20 minutes. This gives you a chance to chat, to get to know me a little, and to get a sense if I am a good fit for you!

Written Satisfaction

I provide a Money Back Guarantee giving you the client an opportunity to move forward with comfort and ease.

25 Years’ Experience

I share my 25 Years’ Experience Working with People in a Development Role.

Formal Qualifications

I have Formal Qualifications in Coaching, Training & Education, Counselling & Psychotherapy, giving Flexible and Innovative Approaches Tailored to Your Needs.


Lots of Testimonials and References can be seen on our Testimonials page. A Proven Track Record/Warm and Affable Personality.

Lived Experiences

Able & Willing to Share Experiences & Learnings; Those Acquired in the Classroom and Those Hammered Out on the Anvil of Experience.

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Feedback from our clients

"Even though I would describe myself as being confident with a fair dose of self worth; I still benefited enormously from our session on preparing me for the interview. I felt more focussed and secure of where I wanted to go. The opportunity to go through possible questions plus the non-verbal aspects of the forthcoming interview proved of great assistance in understanding how I felt and what I was going to say at the interview. Thank you Maurice, the world needs more, I need more!"

"I enjoyed working with you, you give of yourself freely and openly, which inspires trust and understanding".

"Maurice, I think you make a great coach. You appear to have great intuition, sensitivity and genuine interest in people".

"An earthy, perceptive, no-nonsense, compassionate, sharply insightful, open humorous man. Highly recommended".

"Maurice, you have a very gentle but excellent style when coaching"

"I have learned to hold back a little and let others find solutions, I have sent other staff members to meetings/presentations which it was not essential for me to attend, this has given me a sense of being freed up and has enhanced rapport"